Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This past weekend I wanted to enjoy my birthday in a special way. I always loved my time with my grandfather. He was a very fine gentleman. He would treat me to the most memorable meals ever. If he took us to dinner, he would treat, and there would be no limitations. He introduced me to lobster, steak, char broiled foods, perfection in sauces, and the most flavorful soups. This year I wanted to take Johnathan out to dinner for our birthday. I had a desire to allow him the experience of good sea food.

Fisherman's Galley was the bomb!

The food was made fresh to order. Service was fabulous. There was a day not to long ago when dinner service was valued, for this place it has not changed. I alerted the server to my food allergies, he was very respectful, and proceeded to make all required changes in the menu. The cook was preparing all the food fresh to order. This allowed me the privilege of ordering to taste!

The full bar allowed for drinks of choice. The atmosphere was calm and respectful of the dinners experience. The chairs were large and cushioned, Very comfortable!

As the plate arrived my eyes were pleasured with presentation while my nose was drawn in with the scent of fresh herbs. My steak was perfect, the cut fabulous, and cooked exactly how I requested. The lobster was a generous portion. The red potatoes, and vegetables were cooked in fresh herbs. I was delighted to clear my plate.

We finished the meal with complimentary vanilla ice cream (for our birthday). It is worth mentioning that my son believes they must have made the ice cream there. It was notably better than the ice cream we have had recently. It was fresh vanilla beans that set off the flavor sensation.

So if you are in the area visit the Fisherman’s Galley for good fine dining. WE won’t mention the cost, but I will say it was worth every cent.

Here is where they can be found
Fisherman's Galley

3008 McHenry Ave, Modesto, CA 95350

(209) 527-3450

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  1. This was a hit with all 6 of my childeren and my usband. I saerved it with some white rice and water melon.
    The meat was so tender it just fell apart, and the juices just poured flavor all over the rice while the smell of the fresh herbs (Rosemarie) filled my home :-)